Fun Fashion Sketch Workshop

On the eve of Singapore's National Day,  24 fun-loving people joined me for an intro to fashion illustration workshop. This workshop is a basic and easy-to-follow pencil sketching class that is perfect for anyone without art or fashion background.


Figure drawing is the cornerstone of artistic training. However, it is something that most fashion students struggle with. Of course, there's no getting away of anatomy in my class! Students were taught how to sketch straight standing figures before moving on to other interesting poses. 


After mastering the figures, it is time to design some clothes! 


One of the things I love most about teaching fashion illustration is seeing my students churn out such original and creative designs! I am constantly amazed by their stylish imaginations. 


Students were also taught how to conceptualise designs for a single collection.


As usual, I had an incredibly enjoyable time with my students! I hope all of them will continue drawing with their new awesome skills!