Custom Illustrations for Boucheron’s Luxury Jewelry Collection

A few months back, I was asked to capture the dazzling brilliance of Boucheron’s jewelry line by featuring their exquisite rings in my work. Inspired by animals, these beautiful pieces sparkle with diamonds, sapphires, rubies and amethysts. What more could a girl ask for?

I am fascinated by the story behind each fabulous ring, like Hera, the peacock and Hopi, the humming bird. Did you know that the Hopi Indians believed these tiny birds saved the world by carrying messages of love? This one is attracted to the beauty of a dainty pink flower.

I’d love to own Boucheron’s playful hedgehog piece, set perfectly with round sapphires and a black diamond. Hathi, the elephant, also wears a gorgeous blue saddle, featuring white and brown diamonds, as well as blue and purple sapphires.

Each creation is elegant, classic and timeless, perfect for handing down to your daughter someday, or wearing out as a complement to your favourite little black dress.

What incredible inspiration for any artist to have the opportunity to depict these creations in her work!

At this event, each VIP guest got to choose from either an illustration of their favourite jewelry piece sketched onto a champagne flute or a drawing of them wearing an outfit that featured the jewelry. Here I am illustrating Mdm Ow. 

When I met with Carmen, she asked me to draw her in a deep purple gown that matched her Hopi ring. I highlighted the small but mighty hummingbird dancing across her dress. What do you think of the illustration I came up with?

Among the guests were Sharon and Sammi, who were complete joy to be around! I drew Sammi a pink gown, with elements of Cyprus bedazzled with a whole lot of sparkle!

What an honor to be able to work with Boucheron! I was so inspired by their beautiful jewelry line. Thanks so much to the VIP guests that so graciously allowed me to capture them in these exquisite jewelry creations.

Remember that illustrations of guests is just one idea. Since all my artistic creations are custom, I’m more than happy to arrange an event that’s perfectly exclusive for you. Contact me to learn more.