A Magical Evening With Dior

My dress from Dior Cruise 2016

My dress from Dior Cruise 2016

It's August already, can you believe it? Time flies! What has everyone been up to? It seemed like yesterday when I just ushered in the new year with my loved ones. If I haven't told you before, one of my wishes this year is to foray deeper into this exciting, deeply fulfilling and less trodden creative path. I'm so thankful you're on this journey with me! 

The past few months saw me illustrating for a couple of my favourite brands and working on some projects that I can't wait to show you guys (stay tuned for my next blog post)!

Recently I worked with Dior again for the launch of their Diorama Club bags - the Autumn 2016 collection. Not sure about you but I, like many women, am a HUGE fan of bags - in particular Dior's. One of my all time favourites is the Lady Dior bag that's timeless and befitting for very occasion. So, I suppose you can imagine my joy and anticipation when I received this invitation from Dior.

Re-creations of the iconic Diorama Bag, the Diorama Club bag is smaller and more square-ish. It features a large contrasting badge clasp that will lend style and confidence to any outfit.

"The perfect classy evening bag!" touted one of the elegant guests at the exclusive launch on a Friday evening. Well, I couldn't agree more with her. Amongst so many mini bags out there, don't you think the Diorama club bag just takes the cake?

Black Mirror Calfskin, Diorama Club Bag

Black Mirror Calfskin, Diorama Club Bag

I especially love the ones embroidered with animals inspired by Dior charms. On the Green Crinkled Lambskin, the dragonfly embodies the "I" charm in Dior. In the Black Crinkled Lambskin, the bird's head is the key charm.

Not many might know this but superstition was at the heart of Monsieur Dior. That is why you see stars and charms adorning the collections of Dior until today.

As with every upscale retail event that I attend as an artist, the guests never fail to wow me with their impeccable taste in outfits and the effort put in to doll up, come together, and mingle, creating a magical evening for everyone. I love that! The energy and buzz invigorate me.

This is why I'd always endeavor to create bespoke sketches of these treasured guests of my clients and reflect them in their full glamour. The greatest satisfaction comes when these guests receive their illustrated gifts from me, and with eyes beaming with joy, thank me for my creations. It's an artist's kind of joy and exhilaration, I must say.

So here you go, enjoy the highlights of my fashion illustration works at this event..

Frances (above) made a great model. I loved her bob hair with asymmetrical purple-dyed fringe. What a sassy lady! I sketched her with the Black Crinkled Lambskin Diorama club bag to complement her edgy look. Don't you think she is tres chic?

Look at Grace and Wendy - Aren't they elegant! They specially requested for me to illustrate them in Dior Spring-Summer Bar jackets, along with the Diorama club bags. What do you think of my illustration of them?

Elaine (above) is the quintessential sweet and elegant lady. I adored the tulle skirt she wore to the event and I sketched her with the Grey Ceramic-Effect Deerskin Diorama Club bag - highly suitable for her style.

Now, a little peak into the life of a fashion illustrator - did you know that each of these sketches were done under 3 minutes? Besides being creative, I've to make sure that I'm speedy at live events like this. 

What a great evening celebrating the launch of the Diorama club bags! If I could, I would have brought home all the bags in the collection! :P

To be able to delight the guests who attended this Dior event through my work and creativity, at the same time staying true to the Dior brand, was an incredible experience.

Just the thought of my hand painted art pieces being nicely framed and sitting somewhere in the homes of my guests simply put a smile on my face.

Photo by  Allen Bamvisuals

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