Kate Spade New York’s Star Of Your Own Show

Recently, I was invited to Kate Spade New York’s 2016 Fall Collection launch and I really love their campaign—“Star Of Your Own Show” this time round.

It pretty much echoes the journey I envision myself to take as an independent fashion illustrator, and I believe it also speaks to a rising crowd of creators and makers out there who are not afraid to create their destinies and in turn shine in the space they have chosen.

This, of course, is also reflected in their fall line that is huge on pastel hues and its chic blend of florals and sparkles. Put on any of these outfits and you’ll immediately stand out.

This event was kicked off with a styling session with Norman from Buro 24/7 giving an introduction to the collection and TV presenter Yvette King wowing the crowd by modelling several of the outfits.

I also had my 5 minutes of fame as Norman styled my Kate Spade outfit with matching bags and accessories. At the end of the night, I would have loved to haul all the outfits home!

Boy was I illustrating non-stop at this event! At this event, each guest selected their favourite look and I illustrated them in the outfits they chose!

For me, I was so glad to see them share my illustrations on Instagram and even using them as profile pictures! It was truly an unforgettable evening.

All the world’s a stage for Kate Spade New York Fall 2016 campaign and I hope the same goes for you - always be the #starofyourownshow!

Grace CiaoComment