5 Beauty Brands with a Wide Range of Foundation Shades

We’ve all done it.

You walk down the beauty aisle and pick up a foundation formula that catches your eye. “Perfect!” you think, and excitedly start searching for the shade that matches your skin tone.

Despite all the pore-blurring, long-wearing, oil absorbing wow-ness of the foundation in your hand, it lacks the one basic quality that you truly need. The perfect colour match.

So you start searching high and low for better alternatives.

Well, you don’t have to now. Inspired by my recent (extremely frustrating and fruitless) search for a suitable new foundation in stores, I scoured the net for a handful of beauty brands that have the widest range of foundation shades.

Here’s a quick list for you to narrow down your search for that perfect colour match!


1. Fenty Beauty

fbv1-darkbrown-3-grace-ciao-fashion-illustrator-brands-with-the-widest-range-of-foundation-shades-fenty-beauty-illustrator copy copy.jpg

You’ve probably seen it all over social media and beauty editorials. Popstar Rihanna had a vision of every woman having a foundation that matches her skin tone seamlessly and turned that vision into reality. This beauty line boasts of 40 (that’s right, FORTY) different shades of Pro Flit’r liquid foundation. I just love seeing entrepreneurs transform their dreams into action and help better the lives of others. With shades including “traditionally hard-to-match skin tones”, Riri definitely has a shade for you!


2. M.A.C

Who hasn’t heard of this beauty juggernaut? Their Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 comes in an impressive 42 shades. As the benchmark of foundation shades, I’m sure you’ll find one that matches your skin. Be part of the conversation and get ready to quote your M.A.C shade next time someone asks you what your tone is!


3. Lancome

Sometimes a girl just needs a new foundation and she needs it now. With a wide range of 40 shades, there’s bound to be a Teint Idole Ultra foundation for you! Get that coveted glow-y skin that you see in editorials and find your shade here


4. Make Up For Ever

If you’ve spent years mixing and blending to create your perfect foundation, MUFE’s Ultra HD foundation has 40 shades that promises hassle-free mornings. Treat yourself to a good cuppa in that extra time you’ll have now!


5. Estee Lauder

Get ready for that close-up photo! The Double Wear liquid compact comes in 20 shades and covers all skin tones from Light to Deep. You’ll be spoilt for choice with their Natural Finish foundation!


Keep a lookout for these cases, ladies; they are limited edition designs illustrated by me!


It’s really nice to know that more brands are finally catering to us consumers rather than us having to try to fit their products. Companies are finally acknowledging that everyone deserves to own a perfect foundation that matches their skin. The next time you go foundation shopping, keep an eye out for these brands to minimise disappointment and maximise the chances of you going home with a new bottle of foundation in your bag!

Go get that perfect shade of you!