How To Feel Beautiful Everyday (& we're not talking about makeup!)

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With all the beautiful faces and people on our social media feeds, it’s so easy to start feeling bad about yourself – your looks, your life, your clothes, everything. I spend a lot of time on social media (hey, blame my work) and I know first-hand that it can be really really demoralising looking at picture-perfect selfies and flawless bodies all the time!

We are always how desirable a woman should look like, but I believe that women are inherently beautiful. Yes, you! And we should all embrace and appreciate our individual beauty; no matter what other people try to tell us.

Well, here are 5 simple tips to help us all feel a little more beautiful as we go about navigating our lives!

1. Smile!

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We’ve all probably heard this one before; but it works! If you’re already a smiley person, then smile more! Did you know that smiling makes us appear more youthful? Genuine smiles make us feel happy. Smile at someone, have that smile returned, and you’ll feel happier too!

2. Acknowledge what you love about yourself

It is okay to be comfortable in your skin. It’s alright to think you look good. What are your favourite assets? For me, I like my smile best. When you look in the mirror, look at those parts of your face/body that you love. It’ll make you happy and trigger the reward system in your brain. And hopefully you’ll soon grow to appreciate every inch of yourself!

3. Embrace your flaws

Ever looked at a scar or mark on your body and think, eww? When I was younger, I had a fall that left a scar on my thigh. It happened when I was playing catch with my brother. The scar made me really self-conscious throughout my school days, more so during PE lessons when we had to wear those dreadful shorts. As I grew older, I look at that same scar and reminisce the fun I had playing with my brother.

Wear your scars with pride. Let them serve as beauty reminders of your past – that you've emerged victorious!

4. Say “Thanks!”

“Hey you look great!” “Oh no, I'm actually having a bad hair day!”

How many times have we had this conversation? It’s better to just say “Thanks!” Accept compliments; you’ll feel good about yourself and the positive reaction will invite others to compliment you more. Wouldn’t it be nice if we all could give and receive compliments more?

5. Indulge in your hobby

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Don’t we all just love doing things that we enjoy? For me it’s definitely painting, watching a good movie, spending time in nature… Do things that make you happy! As we get better at doing something, we’ll feel more confident and self-assured. I think confident ladies feel more beautiful too!

It’s easy to feel beautiful, even without makeup. We just have to recognise the things that we love about ourselves, and be comfortable with them. So sit taller, smile brighter, laugh louder, and know that we are all beautiful!

Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. Is there something you initially hated about yourself, but have now made peace with it? Or is there a story to share about a lifestyle change that made you feel more comfortable in your skin? Do let me know in the comments!