Think Your Daily Makeup Look Is Getting Too Boring? Here's How To Fix It.

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Is your daily makeup look getting too boring?

Flipping through fashion magazines, I’ve always felt amazed by the bold makeup looks that models wear. They almost always convey a sense of power and confidence I feel every woman should exude in her life.

Don’t you ever just sigh whimsically and think to yourself, “I wish I could look as striking as she does!” It makes me wonder why we don't adopt these bold looks more often into our daily makeup.

I invited Toni Tan, regional makeup trainer of cosmetics powerhouse M.A.C, to help us with 6 looks to elevate our daily makeup. 


1. Draw attention with an arresting neon cateye

Elevate the usual cat eye into something bolder with fun vibrant colours. Toni suggests using bright colours to accentuate your eyelids. Create a classic winged tip with a neon or jewel-tone gel liner / eyeshadow such as turquoise or hot pink. I also love this look on Hailey Balwin!

The trick is to come off as a bold, confident fashionista rather than someone returning home from a costume party. Always accentuate just one or two facial features.


2. Adventurous two-tone lips

Up your lippie game with precise two-tone lips in complementary shades. It’s a daring look that’s subtle enough for daily wear (kudos to your colleagues if they notice your new unique lips!). Avoid looking sloppy by using a lip brush to get clean sharp lines.


3. Amp up the drama with graphic eyeliner

Create really defined eyes with a winged tip AND contour. This look incorporates the classic thick cat eye with the trendy use of negative space to draw attention to your eyes. Keep brows neat to balance the look. Adopt this avant garde runway look to stand out from the rest!


4. A little pop of colour goes a long way

If bright coloured lipsticks have always been part of your makeup routine, why not take one step further and go for more uncommon colours? There’s nothing that speaks more of a self-assured lady than a bold dash of colour on her lips! Use lipliner to prevent feathering of your choice of bold colour. Look how my girl is rocking this look!

Try This Look!


5. A timeless and sexy smoky eye

Skip the winged liner and let your eyeshadow do the talking. The soft round feathered edges keeps the look classy and more work-appropriate than the usual smoky eye. Coat your lashes liberally with mascara to finish off the look. You can always count on this look for a touch of sensual elegance to your daily flair!


6. Ombre artistry for your cheeks

Who said you need to stick to solely one product for your cheeks? An ombre blush enhances volume and gives your face added dimensions. It’s a perfect simple perk-me-up to keep the daily grind less boring and repetitive. Toni recommends a bold red and orange blend. Here, I used a softer orange and pink ombre to give my girl an elegant look that reminds me of a freshy bloomed blossom.

Try This Look!



I hope my beauty illustration guide gives you a little more confidence and inspiration to step out of your comfort zone and rock some bold makeup looks. Most importantly, this should accentuate who you are, and not overwhelm you. To sign off, many thanks to Toni for taking time to share with us these tips! 

Goodbye boring makeup!

Toni Tan is the Regional Manager of Artistry Training & Development at M.A.C cosmetics. She has more than 20 years experience in training makeup artists for major beauty brands. Her excellent makeup skills and techniques are recognised by the global beauty industry. She has done makeup for celebrities such as Kate Hudson and Tao Okomato.