Doing what I love with DO PANDORA


What has everyone been up to now that Spring is officially here? The nature coming to life around us invites us for some reflection. What does it mean to be 'you'? Is there something you've always wanted to DO but for one reason or another, never got to follow through?

Pandora recently launched its "DO" campaign, celebrating women from all walks of life and inspiring them to stay true to themselves. I was invited to the launch event as a live illustrator. The brand hopes to empower every woman by celebrating each and every one of their dreams and aspirations. Whether you are a dancer, businesswoman, grandmother or artists, Pandora wants to reaffirm your passion and strength to DO what you want by showcasing your style through their jewellery.

Guests at the event include World Vision ambassador Belinda Lee, lifestyle and travel blogger Andrea Chong and pastry chef Janice Wong.


The guests were invited on stage to share with everyone what the DO campaign means to them. It was a very inspiring and empowering sharing session!

I created six templates to illustrate the themes of the campaign (Create, Explore, Shine, Indulge, Care and Style. I drew a personalised illustration of each guest against a template that they felt reflected them the most. I hope my drawings served as the perfect momento for the guests to remember what they stood for and never to lose sight of their dreams.


Belinda watching me while I drew her with the DO Care template. I was very inspired by Belinda's kindness and compassion for those in need, so I sketched her carrying a kitten and surrounded by puppies and kitties. She was very friendly and so thrilled to receive my drawing. Seeing her heartfelt reaction brought a smile to my face too!!


I was also really excited to live sketch Andrea as well!


Here is the end result! My quick sketch of her done in minutes! The DO Explore template suited her wanderlust perfectly and I wanted to sketch her looking chic in the pastel blue frock that she wore to the event.

Here are more photos! Enjoy!


Me capturing the elegance of Tjin Lee in her black ensemble accentuated with bold red floral prints in a personalised sketch.


Lovely ladies waiting for their customised illustrations by me. The happy faces of these guests really gives me great satisfaction and motivation as an artist!

Here is a short clip of me 'live' at work doing what I like best! Video by Bryan Lee

As a woman and an artist, I connect deeply with what Pandora's DO campaign is trying to achieve. From my personal experience, I know how difficult it can be to pursue one's dreams and aspirations. However, I strongly believe that with passion and perseverance, we can all have the confidence to follow our dreams and be the strong, fun, empowered women we want to be. I am very grateful and humbled to be invited to be part of Pandora's DO launch among these other inspiring and amazing women! I will carry their stories, strength and smiles with me for years to come.

What are your dreams? Whenever I feel like I lose sight of my dreams or confidence in myself, these words inspire me to carry on

"There is no limit to what we, women, can accomplish." - Michelle Obama


The greatest takeaway of my work at events – happy Pandora ladies with my one of a kind drawings!